Template Revisions for September are on GitHub

I've published the latest version of our Blogger template to GitHub. You'll find detailed notes on all the changes in the commit logs. Github makes it so much easier to share code; I don't know why Blogger developers don't use it more.

Most changes in this update are under the hood: I refactored the pagetype detection, reworked META tags for better compatibility with Twitter cards and Facebook sharing, started chipping away at the blog widget code, and I re-removed the footer that somehow crept back in. Again, I enjoy writing detailed comments so please go have a look!

View MY-STADY-Blogger-Template September Update on Github

Image Credit: GitHub Octocat #107 "Mummytocat" by Tony Jaramillo.

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R Lilik Andrian - #
November 18, 2016 at 6:24 AM
hai thank to share this.
this is the basic edit templat right, but in some templete use block css or somting like web shell.
so my Q: for what block css and seb shell in some template?

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