The first of many entries about Otakon 2007

So, Otakon happened. It was my first time at an anime convention. Not at all what I was expecting. It was better! Cosplayers as far as the eye could see. My goal was to go there and take as many photos as possible. And I wanted to do a better job than I did at NY Comicon. (NYCC)

My biggest regret coming back from NYCC was how blurry the photos were. I attribute this to my not so nerves of steel. I'm always on edge. To remedy this I got a monopod. Constantly holding a camera in mid-air will get tiring. Especially my camera, which has a significant heft to it.

The monopod, while being a big help, did sometimes fail me. The telescoping mechanism collapsed a few times. I'm thinking of either getting a better model or looking into portable tripods. The problem with tripods is that when it comes time to shoot a photo I have to set it up every time. I would need to extend THREE legs as opposed to just one. I can't walk around with it extended, that's a danger to the people around me.

And it WAS awkward extending the monopod every time I wanted to snap a photo. Though not a single person grew impatient with me. In fact I was probably harder on myself than anybody! I made a joke of it and pretended I was the Monkey King by going POWER POLE EXTEND!

The other thing I needed to do was preview my shots better than I did at NYCC. Last time when I transferred my photos to PC I was SHOCKED by how blurry my shots came out. The problem is when you preview your photos on such a small display they look alright. You need to employ the zoom feature and inspect the shots to really be sure. I didn't do this after every shot but I did do it a lot more than last time. This helped because a few times I caught myself and took additional shots.

Speaking of taking additional shots, I've started bracketing. The way my camera works I can set up a timer to take shots for me without pressing the shutter. By doing this I'm able to concentrate more only holding my camera steady. Or rather, the monopod. When I manually press the shutter the camera moves with it. I'll have to work on that. Maybe I can join the armed forces and train to be a sniper. I'll go through five years of that for the sole purpose of taking sharper photos. Good idea?

Is anyone still reading this nerdy long-winded shit?

So that's the technical side of things. The other thing I wanted to do was get a little more intimate with these people. Just a little. (A tiny bit!) So what I did after taking their photo was I asked their name, age, location and e-mail. And you'll find that information (minus their e-mail, duh), in the flickr gallery. You'll also find maybe a small anecdote with each photo.

I've always posted my photos with captions and added a personal touch. I think you'll like the way I've done it this time. I showed it to someone else (before making it live) and they said they really liked it and it made the gallery a lot more interesting. These people work so hard on their costumes, you know? The least I can do is get them a little recognition. I want you to know who they are. I want you so see how far they had to travel.

What I've also done is link to their MySpace profiles. This way you can learn more about them and if they have something to promote it helps them out a bit.

Three exceptions:

  1. They need to have one. Duh.
  2. Must be over eighteen.
  3. Must not be a private profile.

Otherwise I didn't link to it. Of course, if you're reading this now and want me to link to it anyway then I'll be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Jesus Christ I don't expect anybody to read all that. Even worse there are no photos in this entry!


In the coming days, weeks, months or however long it takes, I'll be posting photos from Otakon 2007. If you want to get updates on your MySpace page just subscribe to this blog. No friend requests necessarily for that to work.


You know, this blog would be better served with a couple photos. These two are unknowns. I saw a lot of people took photos of the Voldo guy and the same with Akuma. I think they both came out pretty nice.

Akuma / Gouki

As much as I try to avoid motion blur, I think it adds life to this photograph.


My cousin really likes playing as Voldo. He spotted this guy from the floor above.


The gallery is now open! I'll be posting updates once a day at around this time. No need to constantly keep checking. Not trying to milk this, if anything I'd like all the shots online before the week is over. But I'm busy!

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