More Otakon Photos

(As a general reminder, you can find find the gallery here. It's worth it to go to the photo pages because I've added anecdotes and notes. The notes feature of flickr is pretty awesome. It's a telestrator for your photos!)

King Kai / North Kaio

Fuu, Mugen
The Fuu cosplayer has clearly studied her character!

Sora (Valor Form), Sora (Wisdom Form), Sora (Master Form)
I can't imagine how long it took to put this all together.

Unknown, Seras Victoria
Would you believe it wasn't until Otakon that I saw Hellsing? It was Hellsing Ultimate and it totally melted my face off. (In a good way.) And it's all thanks to Sierra.

Oh man. This one... Full story of my epic failure on the flickr page.

Mega Man Group
I've identified most on the flickr page. Could you help me identify the rest?

That's it for today. Come back for more tomorrow. Or don't. Whatever, man!

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