Otakon 2007 Photos - Now With Riboflavin!

You thought I was done? WELL I WAS JUST GETTING STARTED! Actually, I'm almost finished. More here.

Sasuke, Jugo, Karin

I assure you these were the best Shippuden Sasuke, Jugo, Karin cosplayers at the con. I assure you I've just pissed off all the other Sasuke, Jugo, Karin cosplayers that attended. What if I said these were the ONLY Sasuke, Jugo, Karin cosplayers I encountered? I guess that means I've now just pissed off THESE Sasuke, Jugo, Karin cosplayers. Sasuke, Jugo, Karin, Sasuke, Jugo, Karin, Sask...

Gum, Rhyth, Corn

Jet Set/Grind Radio Future SUCKS and that's why they're not dressed that way.


She is over qualified for that costume! Its all good though.


I don't know what this costume is but wings are always great.

Julia, Molotov Cocktease

I don't care for the fisheye. Lesson learned. Sasuke, Jugo, Karin. Sasuke, Jugo, Karin. Maybe in photo shoots but not for stop 'n' pop con photos.

Judy, Julia, Faye Valentine, Faye Valentine

I always run into the twins! They're in all my con photos. So awesome.

Mega Man Panel @ Otakon 2007

Another photo of PictoChat because it's so great. This was a Mega Man fan panel. Fan panels SUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Sierra & Friends

Sierra posing with her friends whom I have no idea are all supposed to be. I'm not sure I like how I wrote that sentence... Okay I can't think of a better way, let's move on. So yeah, notice how I over exposed this shot? What a fucking amateur.

Sierra, Myself, Jonathan

When not in costume she makes my cousin hold her leg. Lol wut?

I think that's a decent amount of photos for today. Sasuke, Jugo, Karin. But believe it or not, I have MOAR. So, keep it locked and subscribe to my shit if you have MySpace already.

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