When it comes to Hallowe'en in New York you can always count on Xris SMack to bring the ruckus. When it comes to Hallowe'en parties Xris don't hold back. You know you're in for a good time. Hallowe'en is the second biggest party night in New York. If you're reading this in March don't feel so glum, Xris is always throwing a party. Go to for an events listing. See? You're less than 30 days away from the next one!

Yeah, the costume is an entirely different story that I won't even get to right now. Let's see some photos!

Twisted Sister
The first person I photographed. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night.

Hey, Crab Man!
Hey, Crab Man! Dude, this costume probably set him back a few bills. Rubber doesn't come cheap; especially inflatables.

We Like To Watch
So here's the dungeon, I guess. It was in a lounge-y area and by the bathroom so it didn't really feel dungeon-y. I did a lot of laughing here. More on that later-y.

I Had the Worst View of This
Something always goes wrong. I had a really bad point of view for this performance. Looks like it was a little bloodplay. But I think it was fake because at one point she (brunette) pulls one of those rods out of her back and gouges it through the other one's wrist and blood leaks out. It literally leaks out and falls straight down. I don't think it works that way. The performance was cool though.

Bloody Mouth
Her mouth is bloody from drinking blood. I guess. Did i mention what a terrible view I had? Also later she drags entrails out of the other one with her teeth. You know, that was really hot somehow.

It's Keyska! She's a good dancer. I do not have the discipline to dance inside a heightened square platform.

Foot Worship
This guy really likes feet! I'm not into the foot fetish thing but man, these dude were really into it. I didn't see any female foot worshipers. I never do. The worshipee always looks bored to me. And doesn't that tickle?

Gothic Lolita
Gothic lolita. Even though she agreed to this photo she kept giggling and hiding! What?

I Don't Have a Name For This
I like this. I'm not sure what she is but she rawks.

He Loves This!
Oh man, trample fetish. This guy was by the bar and he just lied under there the entire night. AND I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING! In fact the lady smashing her heel in his face and my self were roaring at this. Especially when we looked at the photo and saw his face all smushed up. Then she continued like she was putting out a cigarette on his face. I'm sure the old man got a megaton boner over it. Hey, if he's happy I guess that's all that counts. Haha, his little hat!

One More
Her date looks bored. Are we boring you, sir! Look at him, he's falling asleep there!

More Foot Worship
See? She don't look too engaged? I could be wrong, though.

Cop Lady & Friend
I wanted to be a cop but I couldn't rationalize spending so much on a rubber shirt I'd only wear once a year.

Watch the guy on the lower right.




Nice Couple
There were a lot of couples.


We Had Similar Shirts
I typically avoid posing with people. I want the photo to be about them, I feel I would be a distraction. And besides, do you really want to see a mess of photos from arms length? This girl and I had similar shirts and that's why I posed with her. I took more solo photos when I got home. I should have those for you when I get home from work or whatever.

(More photos here.)

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