Viper's Creed / ヴァイパーズ・クリード 01, 02, 03

It's like IGPX only boring. Three episodes in and I don't find myself wanting to see more, maybe it's the mech designs. Remember back in the day when vehicles were actually hand drawn? You know, I think the vehicles on Xam'd: Lost Memories are hand drawn but my problem with that show is that it moves at a snail's pace. Eureka Seven was the same way. I didn't feel like the payoff was worth it for sticking with Eureka Seven so I abandoned Xam'd to make up for the time I lost watching Eureka Seven.

I not a big fan of these CG-heavy shows. By that I mean shows where a big chunk of it resembles someone playing a videogame. I understand that CG is a fact of life for today's animation but you have to find a balance. Futurama uses CG and for the most part tries to blend it in as discreetly as possible. Viper's Creed is clearly a showcase for the CG; it's like the animators are saying, "Look what we did!" I know a lot of work goes into it but watching computer generated robot punching isn't as impressive—or entertaining—as watching hand drawn robot punching.

Maybe it's the style that's turning me off. Viper's Creed is Superbland. All I see are these blue Boxxy things sliding around the highway shootan uglier Boxxy mechs and then stuff blows up. The mechs on IGPX were prettier.

02. 新兵 -unknown-

He just read my commentary.


Two screenshots of a mech side by side: Cyclops Logo on left, Cyclopes logo on right

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