Destiny of the Shrine Maiden - 8

The episode starts off with Chikane sending Otowa (the maid, remember?) to Tokyo to care of her sick uncle. Of course, Otowa is sad and doesn't want to leave Chikane's side. She starts crying about it and confessing her feelings but Chikane sends her on her off anyway. Cold blooded!

After this we see Himeko telling Souma that Chikane isn't acting her usual self and that she's worried about her. They hang out together after school. Himeko buys matching pendants for her and Chikane. Souma drops her off at the mansion and this is the end of the paragraph. No, this is.

(If you're not sitting at this point, you should be.)

Himeko walks into an empty home. No lights are on, and all that can be heard is a piano playing upstairs. Himeko runs toward the source. She finds Chikane at the piano wearing her (Himeko's) sorceress's clothes.

Chikane moves forward, Himeko, do you like me? Do you? She gets face to face with her, Come on what's the answer?

I... do., she responds.

Really? That's good. She has a vacant look on her face now. She's smiling but she's clearly not all there. Himeko offers her the gift she purchased. Chikane tosses it aside. I've had enough of this kind of childish toys. I'm fed up of all these child plays. She grabs Himeko and embraces her. Himeko tries to get away but Chikane wrestles her to the ground. There's no holding back now. Himeko, you're lips taste really sweet.

Chikane-chan, why!?

(Wait for it...)

I... have become an Orochi. (Oh shit!) For the sake of what I wanted to do.

What, Chikane-chan? What are you talking about? I don't understand at all! At the point Chikane no longer wants to talk and proceeds to kiss random parts of her body. No, Chikane-chan, no! Please stop!! She breaks from her molester's grasp and runs to the far side of the room. Chikane follows.

Himeko. I have always wanted, a night of you and me. A night of you and me going on forever and ever. I don't want it to end just yet. That's why, please. (WAIT. FOR. IT!!!) Please stay silent. (OH SHEEEEIT! That bitch is cold blooded!)

Of course she doesn't stay silent, even after a pimp slap to the face (nice, the rough stuff). This is followed by Chikane ripping Himeko's clothes off and having her way with her. She rubs her face into Himeko's bosom and says, I like you, Himeko. (You sure have a funny way of showing it. Of yeah, let's all molest the people we like. That'll endear them to us.) The scene cuts away while Himeko is protesting, but there is nothing she, or the viewer, can do.

Souma sensing something wrong races to the mansion. But it is too late, all that remains is a naked Himeko staring off blankly into the distance and a poorly dressed and satisfied looking Chikane. What have you done?, he asks.

It's a secret., she replies. And as if to say 'This is now mine', she drapes herself over Himeko with her hands over Himeko's bosom and bathing suit area. Unwelcome guest, please get out of here.

After this they have a fight in the rain outside the mansion. Chikane wins and steal his mech. She takes his girlfriend, she takes his mech... I told you, the girl is COLD BLOODED!

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden / Kannadzuki no Miko - 8

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