Images Hosts Supported in Blogger Dynamic Template Views

Images Hosts Supported in Blogger Dynamic Template Views

(Sorry, linking to blog posts that use a dynamic template breaks the back button so open these links in a new tab. I'll clean up this post after a good night's sleep or something.)

It's very late and I'm very tired so I'll keep this brief. After examining the JavaScript code that generates Blogger's new Dynamic Template views I've figured out what image hosts and file types are supported for thumbnail generation. Image host names are linked to an example on blogger2ools.

There's multiple references to in the code but I couldn't figure out what that was for. Generating a youtube thumbnail would be simple if that's what they were attempting. We've been doing it here at MY STADY for a while now.

Unfortunately the code only supports the above mentioned image hosts. I hope that changes soon because a lot of my article images are hosted on Amazon S3 using my own domain. Check out blogger2ools in dynamic view for live examples of everything. Blogger Team you're welcome to use that page for bug testing.

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