Charetta at Desmond's Taver

I split these up into two groups. Photos I took with flash and those I took without. Why? I wanted to exemplify how the use of flash can change a photo. Perhaps by doing so you'll understand why I try so hard to capture my subjects with the natural lighting.

The photos of Charetta without flash are more colorful and naturally lit. But what happens with the flash is it pretty much replaces the lighting and changes the entire mood of the photo. Example:


Taken With Flash


Taken Without Flash

See the difference? Of course, without flash the picture is blurry because it takes longer to expose. Can't be helped. Especially in the dark. The only way I know to prevent that blur is to have the band pose together. But I'm not sure we'd get away with that. Especially when another band's waiting to go next.


That black area on the lower right is the shadow from my lens. I need to get an accessory flash to prevent that in the future. I just haven't had to time to go to B&H Photo. Maybe this week.

Eventually I'll need a fucking suitcase to carry all this fucking camera equipment.

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