Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 3 - "Secret Love Shell"

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 3 - "Secret Love Shell"

Chikane invites Himeko to stay at her home. Chikane introduces her to the maids (all female) and they bathe together because of course. Since Himeko doesn't have any clothes–other than her school uniform–Chikane lends her pajamas to wear.

Banner Art: “姫様方で神無月” by いちおり.

Himeko comments, “These pajamas smell like you.” This phrase reminded me of a lewd moment from Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito episode 7. Anyone who's watched it knows what I'm talking about right now. But I won’t describe the scene, you have to see it or yourself. Suffice to say it's a really intense fanservice moment. Actually it's more ecchi than fanservice but I digress.

I think this is a good time to mention Otowa, Chikane's maid. She's very jealous of the relationship between the girls. Now, I don't know if she has feelings for Chikane but something is definitely brewing. I know it would be easy to say she has a crush on Chikane but she hasn't exactly declared anything. And in anime like this relationships aren't what they seem unless a character says how they feel.

The following day the girls attempt to revive Kenshin Ame no Murakumo (it's the only thing able to seal the Orochi in the shrine of the moon). They fail, an Orochi attacks, etc.

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