Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 5 - "Over the Darkness of Night"

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 5 - "Over the Darkness of Night"

Souma's, ‘Lifelong separated elder brother,’—wait, hold the phone. There has to be a better way to phrase that. Fansubbers, are you even TRYING? Look at all the words they kept in Japanese. Doesn’t “orochi” mean demon? Why can’t you just say demon? The more words you keep in Japanese the less it counts as a translation. What do I even pay you guys for? Oh wait, it’s free. Nevermind. Right, so his brother wants him to go to the Orochi side and he refuses. So they fight.

Banner Art: “ゼロとアイリスであのEDパロ” by いなさ ゆう.

Meanwhile, Himeko is more upset about Chikane's dress that got torn (in sexy places) in the struggle than her own personal safety. She cries in Chikane's arms and my heart flutters. Later we see Chikane hovering over a sleeping Himeko. (What is this, the third time? She likes the sleep creep, huh?) While doing so she wonders about where her relationship with Himeko is going. As usual, she sees this as another opportunity to steal a kiss. This moment was prematurely interrupted and then I punched a hole into the wall in anger. (It'll happen, I must have patience!)

I think we see a turnaround in this episode. Chikane asks Himeko if she's ok, to which Himeko replies, “I'm fine, because you're with me.” Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, maybe she's not so naive afterall!

Souma explodes his brother and once again the day is saved.


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