Halloween 2008 Costume Party at TRASH!

I don't often say this of my own work: I'm really proud of this set. Taken back in 2008 these shots are from a TRASH! Halloween costume party. Back when the parties were thrown Club 40C. I loved that venue. It was so small and cozy. The ceiling was just the right height to bounce my flash. The place was always crowded. Maybe that's why they moved TRASH! to Webster Hall, it just got to big for the venue. Do they still throw parties at 40C? I'd love to know.

Looking back on these photos I'm reminded that the 28mm is a great lens. I don't know why but lately I've not been using it. Sometimes I take it with me but it just stays in the camera bag. I prefer the 50mm because it's really ideal in low light conditions. But that's kinda stupid considering this club shots are done in near darkness with me controlling all the light. The 50mm is basically a crutch now, I think. Well enough of that! Next time I go out I'm leaving the 50mm at home at shooting with the 28mm exclusively. Seriously, these 28mm shots are really good! I'm a fool for not taking advantage of it.

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