Hulu - Queue On The History Page 1.6.0 Script for Greasemonkey

Hulu - Queue On The History Page 1.6.0 Script for Greasemonkey

I got tired of waiting for Hulu to fix this.


Falling asleep in front of Hulu. Why? Because adding the shows you slept through back to your queue is a real chore. Hulu lacked the foresight to add a queue button to the history page. Myself and others have brought this up on the Hulu forums but Hulu never responded.


This userscript adds queue buttons to the history page. Just click on the big MY STADY logo and that clip goes back into your queue. Why Hulu can't do this on their end I'll never know.

P.A.Q. — Preemptively Answered Questions

Why did you replace the trash icons instead of adding the queue icons alongside them?

This was intentional. Doing this prevents you from accidentally trashing when you meant to queue.

Why are you using your MY STADY logo instead of the plus icons already on the Hulu website?

The MY STADY icon is a bigger target than the plus icon supplied by Hulu. It's also a better visual indicator that you've successfully added the clip back to your queue. Requeuing goes a lot quicker because of these two factors. Third, I wanted it to be obvious you were using the script to avoid accidentally requeuing a show when you intended to remove it from your history.

Version 1.6.0 / Aug-16 2009

  • The script stopped working today when I upgraded from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5. This script is barely a day old so it's no surprise that nobody complained about it. The script now checks to see if you're running Firefox 3.5 and acts accordingly. Otherwise it uses the routines from 1.0.0.

Version 1.0.0 | Aug-15 2009

  • Initial Release

For automatic updates I recommend you download the highly rated Userscripts Updater. And you should download Greasemonkey if you haven't already done so.

Install via Userscripts: Hulu - Queue On The History Page

Details & Requirements
Hulu - Queue On The History Page
Release Date
Requirements Mozilla (Firefox 3.0, 3.5)
Software Type userscript
Version 1.6.0
License WTFPL, Version 2
Price Free!
File Size 2.64 KB
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