[Mein] Fansubs Kampfer and Animesuki Fails at Quality Control

[Mein] Fansubs Kampfer and Animesuki Fails at Quality Control

So I have uTorrent configured to ping AnimeSuki for new shows. I chose AnimeSuki because they only aggregate unlicensed shows. But let's be real here: it's still piracy. But I'm not here to lecture you about that. As per my usual, I'm looking through my downloads folder when the following catches my eye:


"OH LAWD," I thought, "IS DAT SUM MEIN KAMPF?" I totally rolled around on the floor and laughed about it. (My ass is still intact.) When my laughing subsided I played the video. Unlike that time when I accidentally saw a porno because I thought it was anime there was nothing pornographic (or anti-Semitic) to be found. The file is just a re-encode of Koharubi's fansub release of Kampfer.

I'm really surprised AnimeSuki didn't catch this. I thought they had people checking for this type of thing. Then again, I know nothing of how AnimeSuki operates so it's all an assumption on my part. It's just so obvious, how did they not catch this? Better yet, let's see how long it stays on there before AnimeSuki takes it down. It's already been a day.

I really hope no one gets offended by this. I don't believe the trolls are Nazis or anything. I think they saw an opportunity for clever wordplay and jumped on it. What do you think?

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