No More Related Posts and Share Buttons (Update)

No More Related Posts and Share Buttons (Update)

Update: I totally buried the lead! Forgot to mention that I figured out how to detect search pages with zero results. I did it by matching navMessage to a string of text. You think this would be easy but my first attempt was in 2012! I had to step away for this many years just to get a fresh pair of eyes on it. Took me the bitter (yes, bitter) part of a weekend, not gonna lie. Escape codes and regex are tricky for me. It's my kryptonite. Don't judge!

Original post follows: It's that time of the month again. You ready for another juicy github commit? I don't care! As usual I've detailed every template change in excruciating detail. This month you'll learn why I'm phasing out social sharing beacons and what happened to related posts. You'll also see how my changes to the Blog1 widget are progressing and my plans for the future.

(Spoiler!) Shouts to David Kutcher whose post on Google+ was the final influencing push I needed to do away with share buttons.

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Image Credit: GitHub Octocat #83 "The Murakamicat" by Billy Roh.

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