Our Domain Transfer to Squarespace is Done!

Our Domain Transfer to Squarespace is Done!

Welcome to the MY STADY relaunch! Do you like the new look? The aesthetics aren't 100% final but for the most part this is the foundation I'll be building from. Squarespace has a lot going for it as I've said before and I'm so happy to finally have its facilities in my grasp.

We have a proper events section now! This is something I tried to put together with spit and duct tape when we were hosted on Blogger. It worked but adding an event was a whole complicated process. I just eventually gave up on that idea. But now I have an honest-to-goodness events section and I couldn't be happier! It's just one of the many quality of life upgrades that come with moving to Squarespace.

If you have an event coming up that would vibe with the ones I already posted then hit me up. I'd love to add it to our events page. But more importantly, I'd love to attend! If your event is nerdy and/or food-related then is has a high chance of being added.

Do you like the splash page? I know in the past I said splash pages are kinda lame but that's mostly because they don't seem to ever serve a purpose other than wasting the visitor's time. Our splash page (or landing page) serves an actual purpose. I'm using it like the cover of a magazine. It will change periodically. I'll be using it to highlight bigger stories I want to tell. I know the world is shying away from long-form content but I think it still has a place. Not everyone's attention span is shot to shit!

Most of my entries from Blogger were carried over but there's still a few (as of right now the count is 37) waiting to be converted. I just want to point out that the only reason this move is taking so long is because I want to take advantage of everything Squarespace has to offer. There's a lot of meta data that goes into a blog post and I want to fill it all in. I want to add banners to all my old posts, geotag locations, stuff like that. It's not that Squarespace requires that, I just want to do it because I know it makes for a richer browsing experience.

I'm saying all this because I don't want to give the impression that this process was taking long because of Squarespace. It's all my fault, blame the OCD. Also my workload increased between December and mid-January so I had no time to work on the site. Sorry about that!

But yeah, check it out. Big things happening soon!

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