TRASH! at 40C and Random Street Photography

Trash at 40C

(Continued from Robot Rock @ Le Royale 8.1.8.)

I always have a blast at TRASH! so let's just talk about the photos. I think my flash bouncing off the blush red walls helped me a lot.

I definitely got the drama I wanted. They didn't come out the way I pictured them in my mind but you can't deny these are great photos. I don't deserve to take photos this good—yet. I can't wait pictures I take when I finally know what I'm doing.

I'd like to give a shout to my fellow shutterbugs down there at TRASH! giving me pointers and helping me out. The photo of me in the gallery was taken by Tré who was giving me tips on where to point the flash. Though, I'm not sure if her advice was for increasing or decreasing the red. She told me to bounce off the disco ball but I'm not sure I was doing it right.

Check out Trash! at 40C.

Random Street Photography

Eventually I said my goodbyes and left TRASH! On my walk to the subway I had my camera out and was reviewing the photos. When I passed Club Element I heard someone ask for me to take their picture. Without hesitation I pulled an about face and answered, "Okay!" I think I might have called someone's bluff because the guy told me he was kidding; however, other people realized I had no problems with it and approached me to have their photo taken.

Unfortunately for them that's when my accessory flash decided to die. The reason to get an accessory flash is to avoid lighting your subjects too harshly. I really don't like that look a photo gets when it's taken with flash. It's false! With an accessory flash you can aim the flash away from the subject—like straight up as opposed to directly at them—for a softer effect. In fact the reason I got the DSLR was to better capture ambient light at live shows. I'll definitely be shooting more street photography in the future.

More street photography.

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