Adult Swim Finally Tells the Truth About Anime

Adult Swim Finally Tells the Truth About Anime

I have to agree with Adult Swim on this one. Tonight they aired the following bumper message:

Welcome to Adult Swim Viewer Night

A lot of you still believe that we hate anime.

Let’s end this.

You can tell what we like

because we put what we like on the air.

And we can tell what you like

through the ratings.


YOU hate anime.

And the numbers prove it.
— [adult swim]

I mean, seriously. Why do Family Guy and Futurama reruns get all the ratings? FUCKING RERUNS are scoring higher ratings than premier anime episodes! I love Futurama too but come on, why is this happening? If you don’t support the shows when they air then don’t complain when they do bad in the ratings.

Adult Swim, telling people how it is since 2001.

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