Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 12 - "Priestesses of the Godless Month"

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden 12 - "Priestesses of the Godless Month"

So yeah, that Souma guy loses his girlfriend to another woman. I'm sure that feels great.

Banner Art: Lucky Star Parody of the ending by an unknown artist.

You know what I hate about these 12 episode show? They wait until the last minute to resolve everything. With Yumeria at least they answered questions before the final episode. I think Onegai Teacher was also a good 12 episode show. But lately the 12 episode shows I've tried ain’t so hot. I know these shows are planned way in advanced but why does it always feel like they ran out of time in the last episode? That's a pacing issue right? Is pacing to blame?

Or maybe I'm just upset because I wanted to watch more girls kissing. I didn’t care for the molestation though. Are the writers telling us this is a good ending? She decided to stay with her abuser, how is that any good? What kind of fucked up message are they trying to send?

I’m so over this show.

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