We've Published Our Blogger Template to GitHub!

We've Published Our Blogger Template to GitHub!

I've discovered a lot of neat tricks over the years when it comes to Blogger. Unfortunately I don't have time to publish them all. It is my hope that by making the code public other Blogger developers will learn from it.

Also, using Git will make it easier for me to log and track code changes over time. And the way Git saves snapshots of files instead of a list of changes follows my own coding practices. Git just makes the process easier for me; I no longer have to manually copy and archive my file versions.

Just a note, this isn't your typical Blogger template release. It's not formatted for easy integration into your own Blog. This release is to help developers. It's a way to share my knowledge and technology. Also, I think I mentioned how much I hate writing tutorials. Sharing my code and commenting on it via Github is a lazy way for me to share some coding knowledge. I'll post some tutorials but now that my code is public most of you don't need to wait for me to do that. :p

Please, enjoy the code, fork it, comment, do whatever.

Alain-Christian/MY-STADY-Blogger-Template - GitHub

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