Add Links to Blogger Page List Widget & Mobile Template

Add Links to Blogger Page List Widget & Mobile Template

If you dislike Blogger's new interface as much as I do, chances are you overlooked the one thing it has over the classic interface: an ability to add web addresses to the Page List widget. I don't know if it was always there or if it was something they recently added but I made the discovery over the weekend. I was asked to give some feedback about the new interface and so I went over every UI element in fine detail. It was during my review that I discovered this.

Follow these directions to add links to the Page List Widget.

  1. Go to Pages.

  2. Click on New page.

  3. Select Web address.

Simple, right? I checked and unfortunately this new feature is only available in Blogger's updated dashboard interface. I something tells me they won't be adding it to the classic interface. I have nothing to base this on but I'm guessing new features will appear in the updated interface from now on.

By the way, I notice we're now allowed to have 20 unique pages. In the beginning you were only allowed 10.

How This Affects The Mobile Template

Web addresses also appear in the mobile template as part of the Page List widget. This right now is probably the only way to make something appear in mobile view but not in desktop view. To do so you would have to add the web address to the Page List widget but block it from appearing in your template. Since Blogger ignores your template when generating the mobile view the link will not be blocked.

Dynamic Views

Blogger's Dynamic Views does not display web addresses. I've sent feedback about this and expect it to be fixed eventually. It wouldn't hurt if you also sent them feedback. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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