Exposing Blogger's Undocumented Layout Data Tags With blogger2ools

Exposing Blogger's Undocumented Layout Data Tags With blogger2ools

Here it is, finally, that secret Blogger project I've been hinting at for such a long time now. At blogger2ools you'll find an updated list of Layout Data Tags, Live Widget examples and even pageType examples (including search and label pages). I have big things planned for blogger2ools, this is only the beginning.

Everything is explained when you go there but I’ll give a brief rundown. I basically took a template and stripped it bare. All that remains are the variable names and their live output. It’s pur It should be easy enough for a developer to understand. You can still navigate around but to help you out I’ve included direct links to page type examples.

This tool is a treasure trove of information. If you’re looking for undocumented Blogger features or undocumented Blogger layout data tags then look no further. I don’t know why Blogger never updates their documentation but I know a lot of developers out there are hurting for this information. I feel like better documentation would actually bring more users to the platform. It is my hope that blogger2ools helps you reach a better understanding of the undocumented side of Blogger.

I'd love to get feedback from my fellow Blogger coders on this. After all, I made it with you all in mind.

Please enjoy blogger2ools!

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