Why Does Super Dimension Fortress Macross Look so Familiar?

Why Does Super Dimension Fortress Macross Look so Familiar?

Update 20 Nov 2018: Originally when I posted this story you could freely watch Macross on Hulu. Times have changed and that’s no longer the case. But you can watch it for free as part of your Amazon Prime account benefits. I’ve included a link at the end. I highly recommend watching this show!

At first I was like, "Wait, wasn't Super Dimension Fortress Macross already on Hulu? Did they take it off then bring it back or something?" Seeing the show on the Recently Added list confused me because I'd already watched it a few months ago. Or at least I thought I did. For five minutes I just stared at the thumbnail like a confused Slowpoke that's forgotten its own attack moves. “Why does this look so familiar?” I thought.

Then I remembered what I had watched before was Harmony Gold's Robotech: The Macross Saga. HURR HURR HURR. I'd call it any easy mistake but I don't want to raise the ire of fanboys...

At some point in the last decade ADV bought the rights to Super Dimension Fortress Macross and made a proper English dub of it. How proper? Mari Iijima voices Lynn Minmay! Holy shit, right? I wish we got more Macross in the United States but from what I've read we're lucky to even get this much. Enjoy.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross (English Subtitled)
Starring Arihiro Hase, Mari Iijima, Monica Rial, John Swasey, Vic Mignogna

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