Romeo x Juliet - First Impressions

Romeo x Juliet - First Impressions

I suspect they just added Romeo x Juliet to Hulu thinking, "Just in time for Valentine's Day!" Yeah, okay, but the original Romeo and Juliet is far from romantic. The story's a real downer to be perfectly honest! Like for real, why are girls always idolizing that story? “We’re just like Romeo and Juliet!” And I’m like, “Really? I hope not. Don’t you know how that story ends” Romeo and Juliet is the original BAD END.

So I watched the first two episodes. Gonzo took some real liberties with the source material. Not only is William Shakespeare a part of the story, so are characters from his other plays. Everyone now rides a Pegasus like it's no big deal. Juliet is the last survivor of the house of Capulet after the Montagues killed them all for whatever reason. She's also a crime fighting transvestite. Romeo's about the same as he was in the original story. At least so far.

There's enough here to keep me guessing as to how the story's going to end so I'm going to keep watching. I do enjoy romantic anime. My favorites will always be Onegai ☆ Teacher and Onegai ☆ Twins. That series was more adult and realistic than your typical harem show. I wish they made more. According to the Internet Yōsuke Kuroda wrote the original Onegai ☆ Teacher. Indeed, Mr. Yōsuke Kuroda has a very impressive resume.

The entire run of Romeo X Juliet is officially available to watch for free on YouTube courtesy of Funimation!

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