The Last Episode of Voltron Is Hilarious

The Last Episode of Voltron Is Hilarious

It's like I'm watching Samurai Pizza Cats or something. This being the last episode might have something to do with it, I don't know. This episode opens with the best flashback sequence ever. Okay, second best. The best Flashback sequence I ever saw was on Clerks: The Animated Series. They had the idea to do flashbacks of the first episode on the second episode. It was great, especially since ABC aired the second episode first! It wasn't until the show came out on DVD that I found out those flashbacks from episode two were actually footage from the pilot episode!

Oh wait, I’m supposed to be talking about Voltron.

So like I said the opening act begins with Lotor and Merla flashing back to their engagement. And the whole scene is basically the writers taking the piss out of the animators. They even comment on the poorly drawn kiss but it’s not done in a fourth-wall breaking way which makes it even funnier. It’s like MST3K but part of the show.

And the whole time I’m also laughing because of how Lennie Weinrib voices Lotor. It’s so stilted and robotic yet pompous. It has a great quality to it like an alien who learned to speak English as a second language. And I know this had to have been intentional because he’s done a LOT of voiceover work throughout his career. He’s not stranger to acting. This was a choice. Also he voiced Hunk with a lot of emotion. His read of Lotor reminds of Will Ferrell’s Jacob Silj.

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