Letterist at Cakeshop and Download "100MPH"

Here's Letterist in their debut performance of 2012. The venue was Cakeshop on Ludlow street. I love the little tree lights that adorn the stage ceiling. There was much shutter dragging to be had! But some of that dragging may have been involuntary. It's hard to hold a camera steady when the rest of you is dancing. It's always the same struggle for me: capture the moment or revel in it? Solution: dance with the camera! (I saw Tré do it first. I totally stole her move. Ha ha!)

Letterist is next playing at Spike Hill in June. I think they're releasing the new album Solace and Gold that night. I'll double-check with Pamela and get back to you on that. I won't be there unfortunately; I have a prior engagement. But don't let that stop you from coming. Letterist attracts a fun crowd, be ready to dance and enjoy yourself!

Bonus Track

I never know what to expect from these kids but I'm always pleasantly surprised. What we have here is an eclectic, talented group. And this is some very convincing synthpop.

More Music

You like that track? Great! You can download another from their their bandcamp page. It's also free and off the new album Solace and Gold.


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