Bootie: Pirate Ship Mashup Party

Bootie on a boat! Confession: this was my first Bootie Mashup party. What better way to pop my cherry than on a boat? It was glorious! Like any venue with multiple party rooms the upper and lower decks had different vibes. I loved it! The DJs did a great job. You gotta figure it's tougher to mix mashups. That's four tracks (minimum) competing for attention. Of course you could play devil's advocate and say once a mashup is final it has it's own identity like any other original track. Two become one, etc. I dunno man, maybe I'm over-thinking this. But I couldn't do it! When the DJ drops a sick mashup everybody goes insane! I had an amazing time.

A++++++++, will party again.

"Hey, is there a coat check on this boat?"

After I boarded I asked if there was a coat check; they said no. I felt really dumb for asking. I almost feel like it's something I should have known already. But I don't find myself on boats that often! They weren't mean or derisive about it, I'm uncomfortable even typing this. Ha ha! So yeah, don't bring a coat unless you really need it. Otherwise you can do with I did and tie your coat to a railing. I emptied the pockets first, of course. I mean, I didn't expect anyone to untie it or steal it. How would the thief get away, jump overboard and swim to shore? I wasn't worried.

"Only 100 tickets left!"

I must say Andy really pimped this event hard. When he sent out the e-blast alerting there were only 100 tix left I was like, "Oh shit!" I had nothing scheduled that day so I went for it. He may have sent one or two more blasts after that. But it's like, sometimes you need a reminder because maybe later in the week your schedule frees up. I think I would have gone anyway but I didn't want to take a chance when that second alert went out; thousands of people read the Shaw Promotion mailing list. Of the dozens of lists I'm subscribed to my favorite has always been Andy Shaw’s.

See You Next Time

Big thanks to all the party people and performers who came out that night. It was a real trip. Let's do this again, soon!


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