Letterist Performs and TRASH! Returns

Letterist Performs at The Delancey

These are photos from the Letterist performance in December. I tried to shoot a music video that day but my video camera is a piece of shit that buckles under low light. I'm thinking of just eBay-ing the thing to help me pay for a Canon HV-20 I've had my eye on. Actually, I don't need to sell it to afford the HV20, I just don't want it in my house anymore! If you live in New York you can make me an offer for it. I'll bring it somewhere (Union Square?), so you won't have to pay shipping. It works fine in daylight but don't attempt to shoot in low light or dark rooms.

View photos of Letterist at The Delancey on Flickr.

TRASH! Returns

In my last post I told you I was a little worried because TRASH! was no longer throwing their weekly parties. I’m happy to say we can put those fears to rest, TRASH! has returned! Here's the news straight from DJ Jess which I copied off the Shaw Promotion website.

To the troubled youths of New York City,

After weeks of dancing alone in front of bathroom mirrors, swigging moonshine, and necking in the darkness of abandoned side streets, the perverts behind the infamous TRASH! party are back!  We've got a brand new venue at HOME SWEET HOME, which means a new dance floor, new scandals, and new ways of getting into mischief.  Thanks to our rambunctious followers, and the geniuses at SHAW PROMOTION, the new TRASH! threatens to be the sickest party New York has ever seen! The return party on January 18th also marks the birthdays of both ALEX MALFUNCTION and myself, during which Malfunction will go through puberty before your very eyes, and DJ JESS will find new and exciting ways to lie about his age.  Start planning your outfit NOW!


— DJ Jess

Jess definitely has a way with words. The only question remaining is WILL YOU BE THERE? Wild horses couldn't keep me away. I hope to see you there next week. And the week after. And so on.

I just gave you two weeks notice to get your shit together; use them! If you have no idea what TRASH! is or are curious about the crowd, there's pictures, parties, sex and evidence up on the Indierotica website.

... .. .FUCK! I just remembered Charetta is playing at Don Hill's on the 18th. I PROMISED them I was going to be there! Well, shit, perhaps I can do both? 'Wild horses couldn't keep me away', but you mustn’t break a promise. What will I do?

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