Macross Frontier - First Impressions

Macross Frontier - First Impressions

I used to do anime summaries.

For those that don't know, an anime summary blog (ASB) is when somebody blogs about a single episode of a show currently airing in Japan. There are of course variations on that theme but that's the general idea. I started my ASB in 2004 but I believe the practice started a year or two earlier. I don't remember what made me do it but people liked my point of view so I kept it going for a while. Eventually I put the summaries on hiatus as I entertained other passions.

Before the hiatus I was experimenting with video. A typical anime summary has two parts: screenshots and text. I wanted to go beyond the screenshots. I wanted video to accompany my entries. There's a lot you can get across with video that you can't with screenshots. I'm excited to finally be able to do this and you'll just have to keep this blog bookmarked to see what I have planned.

Special thanks to Arsen for telling me about Veoh. The video quality is alright but hosting it myself would be better. I might do that in the future, we'll see.

Macross Frontier Impressions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: the Itano Circus is back in town! Macross Frontier is the latest in the long running series and it doesn't disappoint. This show is a celebration of 25 years of Macross and is a sequel to Macross 7. Here's what I'm not going to do: say anything of substance about the show. That's not what I'm here for and there are HUNDREDS or other blogs you can go to for that. Instead, here's a clip from episode two that I put together. Watch it and decide for yourself. There are no subtitles and thus, no spoilers.

Peep the music though. Music and Macross go hand in hand. I love the opening song “Triangular” and the music motifs throughout the show. Two of the main characters are singers and I look forward to seeing how that plays out in future episodes. Their singing is obviously gonna be the key to defeating the enemy, as is the custom.

Import Only

Don’t expect this to show up in the U.S. anytime soon. Harmony Gold has weird licensing rights to the Macross franchise somehow. But they only ever license the original show. They never bring over the new stuff. It’s really annoying. I’m not saying you should pirate the show, but….

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