We Are Hot Today - Visual Kei! (Update)

We Are Hot Today - Visual Kei! (Update)

Update 14 OCT 18: Heads up! This entry was imported from another blog and I’m not the one who wrote it. It was my friend Arsen. He would sometimes help out around here. Great guy! He’s on to his own projects now.

That is what I call H-O-T!! This is Visual Kei ladies and gents presented to you that day by Kaito (seen on the left in the picture). Taku is the sexy beast on the right. There is more to come my friends and I have to tell ya, I am excited (certainly you know where). Costumes and style completely made by Kaito of Visual Kei, picture of course credit to Alain-Christian. It was the damnest time I've had in a while we laughed, chilled around, took pictures and had a blast altogether. I can't wait for the next one! Unofficially speaking sooner or later you'll see this j-rock and punk mix ALL around you, where will you be? What side of the underworld will you side with? I say side with us and be the first to proclaim your expression to the world and enjoy life as we do!

All hail Visual Kei!

Signing off,


Chaotic Neutral