Mega Man Anniversary Collection Graphics Rip

Mega Man Anniversary Collection Graphics Rip

New Addition to the gallery this week. Please enjoy these assorted graphics from the PS2 version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

I must explain a few things, first of all this is somewhat incomplete. At the end of one of the files (DATA3.AIF IIRC) the ripper fucks up and gives me error messages. Perhaps this is due to one of the plugins giving false positives. I'm not sure. But it happens. Otherwise, everything else was ripped and looked over with a fine tooth arrow key.

That's the other thing, there are over 15000 images on the DVD! The majority of them are 8x8 sprites. If you've ever looked at NES chr data then you know what I'm talking about. I had to sort through all that! To me it made sense to combine the smaller objects into a collage. Any collage you see in this gallery was done by me and if you don't like those then tough titties. It doesn't make sense to upload 16x16 objects individually. Image slicing is pretty common in paint programs these days. You can use it to break up the collages.

So yeah, I'd also like to mention that a lot of these images are material we've all seen before from Capcom art books and such. There's also some original content worth looking at.

I've updated the gallery; downloading couldn't be easier! Click the download button and all the images are collected in a zip file for safe Internet transport. I love it!

Man, Capcom was really good at adding detail with only 3 colors to play with. Dig their crazy sprite work at the MY STADY Photo Hut.

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