Waku Waku +NYC 2015

So, that happened. (Wait, did I intro with that before? Bleh, too lazy to check.) Waku Waku +NYC was interesting in theory: host a convention in multiple nearby venues. Transmitter Park, Wythe Hotel, Verboten, and Brooklyn Bowl played satellite to Brooklyn Expo Center's mothership. They provided shuttle buses to zip attendees betwixt venues. Did it work? I’ll never know; I stayed at the Expo Center the entire time for some reason..

It's been a while, yeah? (Miss me?) Sadly, my Nikon stopped working. Instead of getting it repaired (for the umpteenth time) I went on hiatus. But now I'm so rusty; these shots are not my best! I suppose it doesn't help that I'm using a totally new camera and lens. It's like starting from zero. I'm not getting the shots exactly as I want them. I need to get back to my fighting weight!

There's almost a ten year technology gap between my old camera and the new one. They're both Nikon cameras but it almost doesn't matter. They're that different!

The fun's not over yet! Keep an eye on my Instagram where I'll be posting alternative versions of these photos. I didn't want to just copy over what I already put out on my Flickr. I hope you like glitch and pixel art. Please look forward to it!

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