NoirceuR - Beyond Words Straight to Song (Update)

NoirceuR - Beyond Words Straight to Song (Update)

Update 14 OCT 18: Hey gang. Just wanted to clear up some potential confusion. This entry was imported from another blog and that’s why all these posts have my name on them. But sometimes my friend Arsen would stop by and write a guest blog and that’s what this is. I just want to make sure he gets the credit.

Welcome folks. A beautiful update, of an amazing new band breaking through the layers of monotone sounds and surprisingly similar lyrical rhymes. This band is NoirceuR, and they rock till you just can't go on anymore! Seriously I am making it my goal to visit them live next time around and so should you! I got to hear a lot of good things about NoirceuR and I just simply cannot wait. Here are some amazing shots Alain took last time at their concert.

Their next concert is going to be on March 27th at The Mean Fiddler. They are playing first so if you plan to come do not be late and I assure you satisfaction is guaranteed (unlike the last item you bought). Please don't hesitate to find me (Arsen) or Alain-Christian at the concert. We'd be MORE than happy and honored to speak to our adoring fans =)

See you there!


Our Gallery for NoirceuR.

NoirceuR on Facebook.

P.S. Alain-Christian is incapacitated at the moment, he is terribly sick so please give him all the best!

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