Saskrotch at Pulsewave and Bonus Video (Update)

Saskrotch at Pulsewave and Bonus Video (Update)

Update 13 OCT 18: Firstly, despite what it says this entry was written by Arsen. These posts were imported so they all have my name on them. Arsen used to help me out on the blog. He might come back someday but for now this operation is a one man show.

Secondly, I don’t know why but we never blogged the rest of the pictures. I put them online though. I made a Pulsewave 2009 collection on Flickr that includes photos I took of Saskrotch, Chibi-Tech, Starscream, and Anamanaguchi.

Thirdly, in the video below you can see Arsen and I dancing to the chiptunes at Pulsewave! It was a trip seeing this almost ten-year-old footage. I should probably download it before it gets lost to the sands of time. I’m gettin’ old!

Hello ladies and gents. I present to you the first (not by order of performance) musical artist: Saskrotch! The melodies spewed out by this hulking character turned my head inside out and blew my mind so far into space it'd take warp 15 (a theoretical impossibility only known to Trekkies) to get back. Seriously here are the pictures just clicky this link here.

So anyway we also have a video for ya! Brace yourselves!

Check out Arsen and I jamming to Saskrotch!

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