School Rumble - Final Impressions

School Rumble - Final Impressions

I hate shows like this.

Listen, School Rumble is funny but nothing ever gets resolved. Let me backup, this show is a romantic comedy that’s light on the romance. And most of the comedy comes from people getting caught in weird misunderstandings. It’s like a sexless Three’s Company anime. By episode 15 I lost my patience and dropped the show.

This show’s got a very complicated flowchart of relationships. But most of them are basically secret crushes. Nobody ever confesses, ever! Or if they do confess, they windup confessing to the wrong person through crazy happenstance. Funny. I’m so, so, so tired of this formula. Why does anime do this? Do Japanese viewers even enjoy this stuff? It’s getting old.

Nothing ever gets resolved in School Rumble. Tsukamoto Tenma has a crush on Karasuma Ooji. Harima Kenji has a crush on Tsukamoto Tenma. Ooji and Tenma are completely oblivious to their pursuers. And that’s how it’s stayed for 15 episodes. Round and round in circles it went with no sign of closure.

Oh, let me guess, the FINAL EPISODE is when everything gets resolved? Nah, I’m outta here. Nobody got time for that.

It’s not all bad. As I said before the show is funny. I’m always surprised by the absurd situations these people find themselves in. The characters are well written with everybody has very unique personalities. I also like the character designs. All the other parts of this show that have nothing to do with love or romance are great. I wasn’t expecting to see a character with mind reading powers in a romantic comedy!

Sometimes I’m reminded of the old Road Runner cartoons when I watch this show. You’ll see somebody chasing after their love interest and getting thwarted at every turn. That's where the show gets a lot of it's humor. It works. But I’m tired of it. Listen, the laughs were earned but I need just a little more than that.

With that said, I made you some clips!

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