South Park - Stanley's Cup

South Park - Stanley's Cup

You know, one thing these guys are really good at are movie parodies. They’re especially good at highlighting funny clichés. This episode was about any Disney sports movie ever made–or yet to be made. Except there's a clever twist at the end that I never in a million years would have seen coming.

Movie parodies are familiar territory for these guys and they get better at it with each passing season. Is that even possible though? I mean, remember the episode where they were on the ski slope and it was a parody of the handful of ski movies that came out in the 80's? They pretty much nailed everything and I don't think they were up to season six yet. I really should go rent Team America once and for all.

It was funny. I was actually surprised at how much I was laughing. I didn't even laugh that much at the last two episodes or even the Warcraft episode. There's something absurd about watching these little kids play hockey. Well, "play hockey" is what it resembled anyway. Oh God, the kid putting on his helmet!

Yeah, this one's staying in the DVR until the next DVD comes around. You owe it to yourself to watch this episode. I don't care if you haven't watched South Park since high school. I went out of my way to write this, the least you can do is take my word for it!

Watch this episode on South Park’s official website.

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