TRASH! White Party at 40C

TRASH! White Party at 40C

After two weeks I'm finally posting this. This time I've added descriptions and comments to go along with some photos. I've always wanted to do that but I found it rather cumbersome to edit them one-by-one from the Flickr website. I recently installed the FFXporter plug-in for iPhoto which makes the task a lot easier.* I highly recommend it to other Mac users. FFXporter is available for free download.

Yeah, the headline says white party but as you can see plenty of brown people showed up… I’M KIDDING! But seriously, you’ll notice most party goers are not wearing white. Well, that’s because most people are coming in off the street. The ones wearing white learned about the party trough the event flyer. That includes me!

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Free Flickr eXporter (FFXporter)

* Update 11 OCT 18: Yeah, I don’t recommend this plug-in anymore but I’m keeping the link up for posterity. iPhoto has changed completely over the years and it’s and it’s just not gonna work. It’s too bad because batch editing via Flickr’s website is still a drag though.

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