Vagrant Story Plug-in For PSicture

(You should download PSicture if you haven't already.)

This is another quality release by snailrush. This one is a PSicture plug-in for Vagrant Story however, I see no harm in scanning other games just in case. Whenever snailrush released a new plug-in I would always try them on Capcom fighting games. To date I don't believe anyone's figured out how Capcom stored their sprites. It's disappointing, really. Granted, the PSX ports of those games were stripped down from their arcade counterparts but that doesn't make me any less curious.

Author: snailrush | Homepage: snailrush

Platform: Windows (I ran it on Windows XP Pro SP2 @ 06/03/2009)

License: Free | File Size: 5.27 KB | Version: n/a | Published: 9/3/2003

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