How I Ruined a Clerk's Day at the M&Ms Store

How I Ruined a Clerk's Day at the M&Ms Store

My cousins came to stay with me over Independence Day weekend. They wanted to visit the M&M's World in Times Square. Customers there can be seen taking great pleasure in filling their sacks with different colored M&M's.

I filled my sack with only the black M&M's.

Clerk: “Keeping it simple?” He was smiling ear-to-ear.

Me: “They all taste the same.”

The smile faded and his demeanor changed. The transaction concluded in silence. I’ll admit, while I had intentionally purchased the black M&M's to prove a point, a tiny part of me felt bad for taking the wind out of his sails. He had been quite perky with all the other "guests."

You would think some other cynical asshole had already pointed out his job is a lie. I suppose not.

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