Waffles Suck! So Does Cereal, Actually.

Waffles Suck! So Does Cereal, Actually.

Update 26 Nov 2018: Cringy, right? Yeah, I know. What’s interesting ‘bout this entry is how without knowing it I kinda stumbled on to the truth about how sugars and grains affect satiety. They don’t satisfy! By contrast you have the pastrami and egg sandwiches that I did find were holding me down. Granted I was still eating bread but the meat and eggs helped to satisfy hunger. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then watch this video.

Yeah. I had waffles for breakfast this morning, and I'm ALREADY hungry again! That is so not cool. I'm trying to do the breakfast at home thing to save money, but a shitty breakfast really doesn't help matters. My choices are:

  1. Shitty breakfast that leaves me hungry until lunch or..

  2. Pay $2.50 for a pastrami & egg sangwich (haha) at a nearby bodega.

I'm really, really trying to to keep my costs low in December, but this shit isn't helping.

And speaking of helpings, two waffles is a proper serving, right? At least it is according to the box. Well I had THREE this morning! Maybe it's me that's to blame and not the stupid food. I have one of those anime hero metabolisms. You know? Ever watch Dragonball? See how much Goku eats? If you haven't he eats until there's nothing left of the local wildlife. Then he says, "That was a great snack!" And everybody laughs because it's sooooooooooooo funny. That's ME.

I had these waffles at 7:50 this morning and I was already getting hunger pangs on the subway. And now it's 9:00 and my stomach feels empty.

Cereal isn't any better. Maybe it's my fault because I never drink the milk. But I can have a HEAPING bowl of cereal and it affects me the same way. Though to it's credit, I won't get hungry again until maybe 10ish. Cereal is great as a snack or a lazy dinner. But for breakfast it doesn't do its job.

What I should do is just make my OWN eggs & pastrami in the morning. That would tide me over. But who has time for that? I could be SLEEPING! Or perhaps I could make my breakfast the day before.

I won't pressure any of you to chime in because as far as I know nobody eats breakfast anymore. I wonder if eating a shitty breakfast is like not eating..breakfast at all? And also, should I be saying eating breakfast or eating a breakfast?

Vitamins? Fuck, I keep forgetting to take mine. I was honestly thinking of going back to Flintstone vitamins since I know I would remember to take those. Back in the day I would sometimes take more than one a day. I was popping them like speed. Flintstone vitamins were actually my SECOND addiction in life. The first was sugar cubes. My mom for some reason had sugar cubes in the house. Probably for her coffee. I would sneak into the kitchen and munch on them and then go back to watching cartoons. I think she gave me a lecture once. I was eight.

Me soooo hungry!

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