BYTE at the Delancey

I have to leave for work in half an hour so I can't go into detail about these photos—I got to make this quick. I took a lot of portrait shots. These are some of the best photos I’ve taken by far. I’m really proud of how they turned out. I appreciate everyone who allowed me photograph and capture them. I’m truly grateful.

As you can see from the pictures BYTE is a different kind of party. Some might say alternative? How to describe it.. I’ll just copy the description off one of the flyers. There’s always a suggestion on what to wear:

$5 for Perverted Policia! Incecent Inmates! Torrid Troopers!

Provocative Prisoners! Enticing Enforcement Juicy Jailbirds!

$5 for fetish divas, creative goths, cyberpunks, fashionistas, alternative

sexiness.......and anyone who can leave their inhibitions at home!

$10 for all black, $15 all else. 21 and over please... no exceptions!


The one and only Tré!

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