New York Comic Convention 2007

In 2006 I attended the first annual New York Comic Con and I captured some nice photos. This year, NOT SO MUCH. I don't know what happened between last year and this year but IT APPEARS I'VE COME DOWN WITH A NASTY CASE OF PARKINSON'S. Oh my God, EVERY single picture is blurry. The shots you see were doctored by my lonesome under Paint Shop Pro X for over a week. The shots I didn't put online are even WORSE. It probably helps that I had the BRILLIANT idea not to use flash at all. I was like, "Hey, I'm indoors! Why use flash? DUUUUUR!" This is one of those cases where knowing too much can be a bad thing. Just goes to show I'm still an amateur. And I'm hating myself over this.

The worst part is that these shots looked GREAT on the LCD preview. I'm really starting to hate that LCD preview shit. I always have a few photos in the set that looked GREAT on LCD but were a blurry mess or DARK on the computer. It doesn't even matter that I bracket the shot. Lesson learned, man.

Jamie and Commander Kiva Andrew (Or Kiva Andru)

Jamie and Commander Kiva Andrew (Or Kiva Andru)

This is why you see me taking so many photos lately. I can't just take out the camera whenever a convention rolls around. Like drawing, or ANY talent I suppose, you have to CONSTANTLY PRACTICE.

I'm not happy with these photos because I know they could have been better. I'm not expecting to get famous off this shit or anything but I KNOW that I MYSELF can do better than this. I'm determined to redeem myself at Otakon. I'm getting my tix over the weekend. I WILL be there.

And I'll fucking take my tripod with me and I'll fucking use the flash, God damnit! Or at least PRACTICE indoor shooting CONSTANTLY.

I MUST DO MY BEST! I can't fail myself again.

I mean, the photos I shot are FAR from shit but I'm not swelling with pride over them either.

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